Best of Fall Elopements in the Mountains 2022 – Part 1


We have had the most magical Fall Elopements so far – and it isn’t even fully over yet!

It’s no secret that the Blue Ridge Mountains are spectacular to see in autumn. In Asheville, NC where we hold intimate elopements it’s no different and it’s known for being the best time to be in town. 

From lakeside ceremonies to mountaintop, nuptials, Fall in Asheville is a highly coveted time to elope! For that reason, we encourage you to book your fall elopement about 3-6 months ahead of time. Even a year out isn’t unheard of and can be a wise way to get your date secured!

That being said, we can occasionally find a free date in the fall if you do contact us later in the game. Always reach out because you never know what might be open and available for you!

But for now, cuddle up with your love and check out some of our best of fall elopements from our 2022 season! We dare you to try to make it through all of them without reaching out to book yours!



Kelsey & Josh

High up a mountain road lies quite possibly the most beautiful view of Fall Color in all of Western North Carolina.

Kelsey & Josh eloped on October 10th in the Linville Gorge Wilderness surrounded by pops of red, orange, and yellow leaves in the surrounding canopy.

The goal for their elopement?

Kelsey and Josh knew they wanted to do something a little out of the box, so they decided on an elopement.

Asheville seemed to tick all the boxes for what they wanted, with it being just a six hour drive away and having mountain views!




Ivy & Evan

I couldn’t resist starting their photo montage with an adorable shot of Ivy wearing Evan’s jacket! It truly captures how sweet and photogenic these two are.

On September 12th we all gathered at the base of well-traveled hiking trail to get Ivy and Evan married. They chose to hike up first before their parents to do their First Look in the woods and take some initial photos before the Ceremony began.

We love the way they prioritized their intimate time together at the start of the day and ended it full circle, together as just the two of them celebrating. This is a great way to bring parents along but not lose the spirit of eloping.





Rebecca & Daniel

On Friday October 7th, these two avid travelers and outdoor lovers were wed!

Here’s how their engagement went:

It was in a state park, but felt exclusive to them as there wasn’t anyone else around except their dog! Rebecca was walking in front and when she turned around, Daniel was down on one knee. Awww!

Their wedding day was solely about the two of them, the experiences they shared in the past, and the journey that lies ahead.

Rebecca said “Dan has taught me so much about the true meaning of love and I can not wait to make it official.  I am excited to look in his eyes and see my entire world complete.  I love our love story and cannot wait to celebrate it with the honor of eternal commitment.”

Now check out the photos to see how their wedding elopement went!




Hannah & Jon

On October 5th, Hannah and Jon turned their relationship from Youtube Followers to officially wed! Let me explain!

The year was 2016 and Hannah and Jon were both YouTube creators and shared the same passion of music. They met through the Youtube app and were long distance for over 2 years. Hannah is from Pittsburgh, PA and Jon is from Winston Salem, NC, so they always say it was such a miracle they ever crossed paths.

After an engagement in Banner Elk in 2020 on a romantic weekend, it was only fitting to share vows on a mountain too!

The pair loved taking the day to get dressed up and celebrate with their parents by their sides. After their heartfelt ceremony, they shared an intimate picnic complete with popping champagne as the sun set behind them.



Caylea & Ben

On a sunny day on October 4th, Caylea & Ben said “I do” on Max Patch – an epic mountaintop with 360 degree views!

Wildly enough, the couple’s first attempt to visit this location was thwarted by snow and ice!

Here’s what happened in Caylea’s words:

 I have always wanted to go to Max Patch and I surprised Ben for his birthday with a trip to Lake Junaluska. We stayed in this cozy cabin and it started to snow. It was like a Hallmark movie.

The next day we headed to Max Patch and made it almost all the way to the trail but saw several vehicles stuck in the snow up ahead. Ben is so friendly and has such a good heart so he decided he was going to go help them get turned around. Everyone gets turned around and we are the only ones left, it is getting colder by the minute and we made the smart move to turn around too.

Whelp… in the process of turning around we get caught in a patch of ice, slide into an abandoned car that was in a ditch up against the mountain, and get stuck ourselves. We were probably there for about an hour with no cell service and I was completely freaked out. Ben was wonderful and he was able to keep me fairly calm. Some guys in a Jeep came down the mountain eventually and were able to pull us out. Everything turned out ok but it has become a fun story for us to tell now.

When we saw Max Patch was an option as a place to get married, we knew we need to bring this story full circle and finish what we started.”

As witnessed by this couple, autumn is definitely a safer and less slippery time to be in the mountains! Wishing them years of adventure, safety, and lots of incredible stories to tell!



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Layla & Matthew

Their elopement ended with an orange sky and a tequila unity shot! How could we not be a fan of their day?!

For Layla and Matthew, who are introverts, eloping was a big YES for them.

The pair met at work and their engagement happened at a tattoo shop!

These adventurers hiked to the top of a mountain for their vows and shared lots of tears and laughter as officiant Jay lead them through an intimate day that was truly perfect for them!




Morgan & Chase

Morgan and Chase eloped with their pup as their guests but otherwise had a truly beautiful, “just us” elopement experience.

On October 11th, the couple brought sincere autumn vibes to the maximum. The groom’s burgundy suit, the yellow, red, and amber hues in the bouquet, and the orange and gray vow books all said “fall” proudly.

The couple shared vows and a toast on top of a misty mountain. As the sun touched down on them, we snapped away capturing all of the love between them!




Denali & Matt

Denali and Matt are a dream elopement couple with their fun-loving spirits and private focus. They wanted to exchange vows in a ceremony that was genuine and authentic to them and Jess was a perfect officiant match for their peaceful and intentional moment to last a lifetime.

These two are the most adorable dance partners, braniac’s, and adventurers for life.

Denali and Matt, we hope your life together is full of swing and salsa and all of life’s many joyful dances!



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