photographers Meghan & Amy Meghan & Amy are the official photographers for Elope Outdoors. Meghan started Elope Outdoors back in 2013 when she realized how much she loved photographing outdoor elopements. She wanted to create packages to make it easy for nature loving couples to elope in the beautiful land surrounding Asheville.
Meghan & Amy are both mountain bikers that love being outside! They both find a true passion in photographing adventurous couples in love in nature settings.
officiants Nick, Michael, barrett & Michelle We have 4 main officiants that we offer through Elope Outdoors. We can find the one that is the right fit for you. Whether you want a Christian, Secular or Spiritual ceremony, we can fit you with the right officant to create the perfect ceremony for your elopement.
The officiant will guide you through designing your ceremony, and you are welcome to add customizations.
Please note you are resposible for aquiring your marriage licence from a NC courthouse before the ceremony date.
Flower packages Niki ~ flourish flower farm Niki is our exclusive florist! She owns and operate Flourish Flower Farm, where she sources the flowers for our beautiful bouquets!

Bouquet & Boutonniere Packages:
Basic Flowers: $150
Classic Flowers: $200
Premium Flowers: $250
Flower Combs & Crowns: $75 & up

Packages that inlcude flowers come with the basic flowers, and are eligible for upgrade. You may choose a color checme for basic flowers. Special flower requests and larger bouquet sizes may require an upgrade.